Enterprise energy management

Object definition

Enterprise energetics - electricity distribution for larger factories, especially in the heavy, chemical and automotive industries, where electricity consumption is significant from the territorial point of view.

Description of the situation

Situation is similar to power distribution companies, only in smaller scale. Merging of monitoring and control of electricity distribution with other sources entering production costs, such as heat, gas, water could be useful in that case.

ELVAC RTU solution

We offer a design of optimal solution according to the size of the business and number of secondary substations. Enterprise energetics has a simpler communication infrastructure and there are more options.

ELVAC can provide references from several enterprise power distributions and offers:

  • complete control systems for energy objects in enterprises,
  • integration of existing automation elements (such as protection relays, etc.) into a new system,
  • complete implementation of dispatching centers - SCADA SW, servers, multi-displays,
  • supplies of equipped cabinets and other accessories of the control system,
  • installation, parameterization,
  • project documentation.