GSM and GPS antennas

GSM/UMTS/LTE antennas with the following types of connectors are used for ELVAC RTUs:

  • FME – the antenna connector is female with external thread and the RTU connector is male with internal thread,
  • SMA – the antenna connector is male with internal thread and the RTU is female with external thread.


In addition to the required connector type, the specification must include a design type requirement that specifies the antenna parameters, location and mounting method:

  • Which standard you want to use the antenna for – GSM/UMTS or LTE (often has a requirement for two antennas),
  • antenna directly on the RTU connector or connected by a cable with a defined length,
  • indoor or outdoor mounting,
  • method of attachment of the antenna rod – magnetic, screwed,
  • antenna gain in dB.


According to these specifications we will offer you a suitable antenna type.

For the reception of GPS signals used in time synchronization systems, an outdoor screw-in GPS antenna is normally used. An example is the type shown in the picture.

Backup batteries

Lead-acid batteries with 12 V are used to back up the ELVAC RTU power supply. The capacity of the battery is selected according to the load and the required duration of operation with battery power.

Two representatives of frequently used types and capacities can be seen in the figures. The top picture shows a battery with a capacity of 7 Ah, which is used to back up a stand-alone RTU. The lower picture shows a 28 Ah battery that is used for RTU backup including the drive for the feeder switch. These batteries are then usually connected two together for 24 V.

Measuring transformers, power transformers and sensors

In situations where the measurand reaches values outside the ranges of the measurement inputs, various types of transformers and sensors are used to adjust the signal for the required ranges. We offer:

  • power (interphase) transformers,
  • voltage measuring transformers,
  • current measuring transformers,
  • low-power sensors with resistive or capacitive divider for voltage measurement,
  • split-core current transformers,
  • capacitive dividers for voltage measurement,
  • Rogowski coils.


To adjust the measuring range of the cards, external modules are used with the designation:

  • EXT AI-MTI for current measurement,
  • EXT AI-MTU for voltage measurement.
Power transformer, split-core current measuring transformer, capacitive divider for voltage measurement,
low-power sensor for voltage measurement and Rogowski coil

External power supplies

In some cases, an external power supply may be required for various reasons for RTU configurations. We offer quality and reliable power supplies from proven brands.

Panel PC and HMI

In modern energy sector applications, there are requirements for high-quality visualization of monitored processes, simple control and setting of necessary parameters. For these purposes, a wide range of panel computers and HMI panels connected via Ethernet or RS-485 interfaces can be used.

Their powerful processors with the necessary LCD touch screen or membrane keyboard for easy operation will fully satisfy all requirements. Customized configurations are of course possible, including HMI applications for dispatch control and SCADA systems, control rooms and server workstations.

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