SW Solutions (SCADA, DMS ...)

ELVAC is not only a manufacturer of successful intelligent RTUs for power engineering but has been also involved in the development and deployment of SCADA systems for its customers since the beginning of its energy activities. In addition to the SCADA Mikrodispečink system, we also offer a comprehensive ETAP software suite from Operation Technologies (USA). ETAP SW offers a wide range of SW tools that cover both off-line and on-line functions to analyze events in power grids and their parts. These functions may be simply linked to ETAP Real-TimeTM SCADA solution, DMS (Distribution Management System), EMS (Energy Management System), OMS (With server redundancy) etc., what significantly reduces the cost of deploying, maintaining, and extending of system while minimizing the risk of data inconsistency which may happen with stand-alone databases for each function module.

SCADA Mikrodispečink

ETAP (analysis, SCADA, DMS, EMS, OMS)