User software EPGAP for PC (OS MS Windows) can be purchased for using of the EPG7 with maximum comfort. The basic functions include firmware updates and the uploading of license numbers for FW modules. The number of functions accessible from the user interface corresponds to the options of the EPG7 according to the license of FW. Besides the comfortable control of all parameters (amplitude, frequency, phase, ...), it is possible, with the appropriate FW license, to download fault records from ELVAC RTU units in the REC format, or from any protection in the standard format COMTRADE, upload them into the generator memory and then to generate on its output. There is also the option to create own waveforms for specific testing purposes. There can be read from the generator an error statuses (diagnostics, checking of generated values is available) and timestamps of changes on digital inputs (DI data logger). The user interface also enables to set the digital outputs, eventually the parameters of the routines for automatic testing of the RTU units (including simulation of the response of the power element).

Bi-directional communication between the PC and the generator is ensured through an USB communication interface.

User software EPGAP for PC

Summary of SW EPGAP functions

  • operating parameters setting of generator in remote control mode, setting of primary and secondary values conversion, generating of V and I,
  • user parameters settings of device,
  • work with fault records,
  • formats REC and COMTRADE,
  • records player,
  • records storage in device,
  • uploading of records from device,
  • FW updates,
  • support of all EPG7 functions,
  • tests of protections and automatics.