Modular RTU

ELVAC RTUs are devices for a remote control, measurement and data collection in many fields of industrial automation, mainly in the power industry but also in other utilities.

The core of the unit is chassis with a bus with optional number of slots (from 2 to 16). The units can be further enhanced through a communication interfaces and they can be cascaded into big systems, which allow to use practically unlimited number of inputs and outputs. This way the system can be scaled for different applications. Installation can be performed on a panel, 19" rack or on a DIN rail.

From the user's perspective, ELVAC compact and modular RTUs have the same software base and a user interface is exactly the same and compatible. The only difference is in the number of individual interfaces, which are available for the user.

Modular ELVAC RTUs have the following functions:

  • processor control unit,
  • wired and wireless communication interface with many communication protocols,
  • digital inputs, external or internal signalling voltage with optional voltage levels,
  • relay outputs,
  • analog inputs for measuring of current and voltage in three-phase systems and calculation of derived values,
  • protective functions - ELVAC RTU can operate as indicator or digital protection relay, one RTU can replace up to 4 protection relays,
  • automation functions - usage for different automatic operation, like reclosing and others,
  • programmable logic and relational functions - graphical interface, new intelligent fuctions for Smart Grid and Self Healing Grid,
  • optional power quality measurement and analysis,
  • integrated HMI, very user friengly graphic style of work,
  • internal records of measured values (waveforms) - triggered by faults on power line, remotely downloadable,
  • power supply with controlled backup battery recharging,
  • temperature sensor, there can be connected the others, such as wind power or measurement of exposure,
  • web based parameterization or special parameterization SW for free,
  • complete remote RTU maintenance, FW uploads, parametrization, data acquisitions, logging, analysis.

Modular ELVAC RTUs advantages:

  • unlimited configuration options,
  • big choice of measuring cards for optimal usage with different voltage and current sensors and measuring transformers,
  • wide range of power supply voltages thanks to the internal power supply unit (eg. directly from power lines via transformer),
  • by measuring of the power input, it is possible to evaluate the status on the side of power lines, where the power supply transformer is mounted (another measured information for the user),
  • there are available the modules for special sensors (for ex. wind, exposure, temperature)

Typical applications for modular ELVAC RTUs

Substation control

  • High number of digital and analog inputs and outputs,
  • measurement, monitoring, control and integrated protective functions,
  • system can have centralized or distributed architecture,
  • optical, metalic or wireless communication,
  • redundant communication - to SCADA or into two independent upper systems,
  • wide communication abilities, suitable for new systems or retrofitting of substations.

RTU System for Substation


Over-head power lines control - in-field switching elements (load break switches/sectionalizers, reclosers)

  • Remote monitoring and control of reclosers and load break switches,
  • automation functions - reclosing, switching-off in non-voltage pause,
  • detection of faults (over-current, short circuit, current asymetry, overvoltage, undervoltage, ground fault protection, frequency).

ELVAC RTU with control panel for recloser or disconnector

Recloser on the pilar in the field

Distribution transformer stations control (cable power lines)

  • Remote monitoring and control of 3-phases outlets in transformer stations,
  • the measurings are available on medium voltage side and also on low voltage side,
  • indication and protection (over current, short circuit, current unbalance, earth fault),
  • digital signals monitoring (door contact, other protective devices).

ELVAC RTU in configuration for  MV/LV station

Transformer station

Renewable energy sources control

  • Measuring and control of solar, wind, gas power plants or cogeneration units
  • remote performance management.

ELVAC RTU in configuration for renewable energy sources control

Renewable energy sources

Communication converters

The communication module RTU7M COMIO PC2 is a strong tool for communication conversion between many protocols used in power industry, for example IEC 61850, 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 60870-5-103, DNP3, MODBUS etc. All these protocols can be converted between devices each other and SCADA system.

ELVAC RTU as an communication converter

SCADA system Mikrodispečink

Data concentrators

Scheme of enterprise energetics

ELVAC RTUs have wide range of communication abilities. When there are many devices in the technology network, there is efficient to collect the data in specified node and send them together into upper system. This way it is possible to collect also data from different interfaces and different protocols and certainly it can be done as a redundant system, which can communicate with an upper system for example via two independent lines and for example with devices in the network via optical ring connection. Modular version RTU7M can be configured and scaled according to demands of specific application.

RTU in configuration for data concentrators

Thanks to many years of our development and experience, ELVAC RTUs are very advanced products, which meet the highest requirements of a power distribution companies, like for example ČEZ, E.ON, EVN, Západoslovenská distribučná (group E.ON), Stredoslovenská energetika (group EPH), Východoslovenská distribučná (group Innogy), ENERGO-PRO and many others.

General description of basic features of ELVAC RTUs can be found in product catalogue.

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