Compact Remote Terminal Units (RTU)

Control units with fixed configuration for smaller applications.

Modular Remote Terminal Units (RTU)

Fully configurable control system for wide range of applications.

Control and monitoring cabinets

ELVAC offers the whole systems of RTUs installed in wide range of cabinets, including necessary accessories.

 Measuring and testing devices 

Useful devices, that can help the user during the installation, maintenance or tests of our and others systems.

RPSII - redundant power supply

Modular redundand power supply with large diagnostic functions, useful especially in stations with own battery backup powering.


Converters, display modules for outputs from RTU units, backup batteries, antennas, monitoring and time sync PC cards, etc.

SW solutions (SCADA, DMS ...)

Highly specialized SW solutions for power distribution control and related works.

RTU support SW

SW created for the work with our devices, SW for tests and technical support.