Handheld earth fault locator ELF7

The location of earth fault from values measured in substations is still not reliable, so a field personal check is still used.

The ELF7 is designed to help a service team with finding a problematic line segment. The measurement is done directly under the overhead MV lines and the device automatically records the earth fault appearance and defines its relative position.

The ELF7 must be in parallel orientation with lines, no matter, which direction. The result of measuring process is the information, if the earth fault is between a measured place and a substation or behind a measured place.

How can be easily and quickly found the earth fault in medium voltage power distribution networks via handheld locator ELF7 -> watch the product video

Basic benefits: easy and fast earth fault location, power outage time saving; during the locating, the network is not decompensated, limitation of dangerous touch voltage, limitation of fire risk and other destructions caused by high current at earth fault place.

Note: ELF7 is primarily designed for using in compensated (resonant earthed) networks with active component connecting. According to the customer demands, it can be supplied also the versions for using in resistance earthed and isolated networks.



Usage example – fault on line segment with branches

Numbers show the order of measurement, the color displays the measurement result - the LED color on the device. A service worker makes measurements on each branch. If the branch line is affected by an earth fault, the LED lights up red.

Usage example – fault on line segment with branches

Usage example – fault on long line segment

The numbers show the measurement order, the color shows the result of measurement – LED color on device. The service worker measures on places with easy access – for example a road.

Usage example – fault on long line segment

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