3-channel generator and tester EPG7

The EPG7 is a compact generator of AC or DC three-phase currents in values up to the tens of mA primarily designed for testing of the correct functions of the measurements and protections of RTU units or other devices, where are the parameters of EPG7 suitable. The device can also be used as a simple process calibrator - the output current corresponds within the declared accuracy to the value shown on the display.

When fitted with a voltage card, the device can generate three-phase AC or DC voltage up to units of volts. There are 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs which can be used in advanced functions for testing of the protections.

All versions of the device are fitted with a 4-line LCD display with a rotary knob with an integrated control button. A USB interface is used for communication with the user SW. The analogue outputs, digital outputs, digital inputs and USB interface are galvanically isolated.

The device can be powered by 4 x AA NiMh batteries or from an external adapter. When powered from batteries, the operating time is approximately 2 hours (permanent generation of 45 mA AC currents on all outputs). The discharging of batteries is indicated by the LED diode. The internal fast charger has LED signaling of the charging process.

Basic features
Tříkanálový generátor EPG7

  • three-channel currents generator in range 0 to 45 mA AC and 0 to ±60 mA DC,
  • in extended version three-channel voltage generator 0 to 7 V AC and 0 to ±10 V DC,
  • analog output protection against overloading with indication,
  • 4 × DI and in extended version  4 × DO for tests of protections,
  • alphanumeric LCD display and rotary knob with integrated button for easy control,
  • powering from NiMH batteries or external adapter,
  • integrated fast battery charger,
  • USB 2.0 interface with galvanic isolation,
  • wide range of user FW,
  • optional user upgrade of FW according to demanded functionality,
  • upper versions of FW can generate fault waveforms obtained from protections (format COMTRADE, proprietary format REC of ELVAC RTU),
  • optional storage of generated waveforms in internal memory,
  • upper function for tests of protection functions are in specialized FW,
  • operating SW is available for PC.

EPG7 HP Extended FeaturesTříkanálový generátor EPG7 HP

  • EPG7 generator extended power outputs
  • Designed to test the correct protection and measurement functions with standard ranges (100V, 5A)
  • Internal communication between the generator and the power module, transmission of ranges, calibrations and error messages
  • Easy transportation in the case with wheels, the device can be removed and placed on the table
  • Optional external rechargeable battery pack, a 12 / 24V power converter

HW variants


  • 3 AC / DC current outputs
  • 4 x DI
  • FW basic
  • Without battery
  • Without an adapter


  • 3 AC / DC current outputs
  • 3 AC / DC voltage outputs
  • 4 x DI
  • 4 x DO
  • FW basic
  • The battery is included
  • Adapter included

More information can be found in product datasheet located in e-shop.

The three-channel EPG7 was awarded the Czech and Slovak Product of the Year 2010 in its category in the Control Engineering magazine.

3-channel Generator and Tester EPG7 - Product of the year 2010