Measuring and Testing Devices

3-Phase Generator and Tester EPG7 (HP)

  • Compact generator of alternating and direct current. In a basic version, it is handheld device for work with low current and voltage for common testing of RTUs. Handheld device can be extended by suitcase unit, which extends the working voltage and current up to ranges, which are commonly used for tests of telemetry systems and digital protection relays in power industry.


Earth Fault Locator ELF7

  • Handheld device for service teams, which significantly shortens the identification of earth fault place in field in power distribution networks.



Electric Field Detector EFA7

  • EFA7 is hand-held detector of dangerous voltage proximity, which is designed for personal safety of workers on medium and high voltage equipment. Workers are required to comply with all safety principles, but if some principles fail, EFA7 can help via its alarm to minimize the consequences of this failure.