About us

We are original Czech company, which provides technical trade, development and contracting services in the field of industrial automation, industrial and tailor-made PC systems. We are developers and manufacturers of systems for power engineering (HW&SW) and single-purpose machines with own electrical and mechanical engineering. Last but not least, our company is active in the area of ecology and illuminated POS advertising.

 Profile of Company

We are a dynamic company, with rich tradition in the following areas:

  • engineering and supply operation,
  • production and servicing of specialized computer technology for industrial use,
  • wholesale of components for industrial computer technology, communication and control systems,
  • wholesale of industrial electro-material,
  • production and assembly of switchboards,
  • development and production of specialized power engineering systems,
  • designs, construction, complete deliveries and servicing of single-purpose machines and assembly lines,
  • display systems and illuminated advertising,
  • environmental protection,
  • development of applications and software.

The company is focused on providing solutions and small-series production based on its own development and top products from top suppliers. Due to the constantly developing management system, the company provides high-quality support for its partners, in particular the system integrators.

The philosophy of the company is based on the principle of high quality products, services, and staff with a wide ranging professional character and experience. Due to the strong backgrounds of the company group, of which it is a member, the company provides its clients with a genuine feeling of certainty and stability to ensure they feel that they are a key element of the success of the company.