ETAP (analysis, SCADA, DMS, EMS, OMS)


ETAP (analysis, SCADA, DMS, EMS, OMS)

ETAP (analysis, SCADA, DMS, EMS, OMS)

ETAP is a suite of fully integrated electrical engineering software that provides engineers, operators, and managers a platform for continuous functionality from modeling to operation.

Modelling and visualisation

A one-stop solution with intelligent interface views and core capabilities to create, configure, customize, and manage your electrical power system model. Core modeling tools allow you to quickly and easily build 3-phase and 1-phase AC and DC network one-line diagrams and GIS views with unlimited buses and elements including detailed instrumentation and grounding components.

  • One-Line Diagram
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Feeder & Substation Views
  • Functional & Logic View – UDM
  • U/G Raceways & Ground Grid Views
  • Schematic & Control Diagrams
  • Multi-Dimensional Database
  • Web Clients & Mobile Views

Analysis and Optimization

A powerful set of analysis and optimization software products that allow for simulation, prediction, design and planning of system behavior, utilizing an intelligent one-line diagram and the flexibility of a multi-dimensional database.

  • Network Analysis
  • Dynamic & Transients
  • Cable Systems
  • Power Quality
  • Renewable Energy
  • Unified AC/DC solutions
  • Systems Optimization
  • Multi-Study Analyzers

Protection and Coordination

Fully integrated Protective Device Coordination software for steady-state and dynamic device coordination, protection, and testing. ETAP provides intelligent tools and powerful capabilities to analyze system protection and troubleshoot false trips, relay and breaker mis-operation, mis-coordination, and more.

  • Protective Device Coordination – Star™
  • Auto Protection & Coordination Evaluation
  • Distance Relay Coordination – StarZ™
  • Sequence-of-Operation
  • Selectivity Zone Detection
  • Protective Device Library

Electrical Safety and Grounding

Comprehensive and integrated solution to help evaluate, analyze, and assess the safety and grounding of AC and DC electrical systems. Generate Arc Flash labels, create a switching sequence management plan, or evaluate the most efficient configuration for ground grid systems.

  • Arc Flash Analysis
  • Switching Management
  • Ground Grid Systems
  • Electric Shock Protection
  • Protective Earthing Conductor Sizing
  • System Grounding & Earthing

Data Exchange and Conversion

ETAP offers conversion tools from legacy power system analysis software. In addition, ETAP offers data import/export capabilities to other third-party platforms and provides bi-directional data Exchange interfaces to complimentary products.

ETAP Real-TimeTM

As a fully integrated enterprise solution, ETAP extends to a Real-Time Intelligent Power Management System to monitor, control, automate, simulate, and optimize the operation of power systems.

SCADA & Monitoring – eSCADA

Model-driven monitoring provides an intuitive real-time visualization and analyses platform via intelligent graphical user interface, one-line diagram, geospatial view, and digital dashboards.

Power Management System – PMS

PMS includes powerful analytical tool that allows for detection of system behavior in response to operator actions and events via the use of real-time and archived data.

Generation Management System – GMS

GMS provides system balance and optimization changes to meet network security, economic, operational, regulation, and environmental requirements. Monitor, control, and optimize the performance of generation and transmission systems.

Transmission Energy Management System – EMS

Reduce energy consumption, increase electrical system reliability, improve equipment utilization, and predict system performance, as well as optimize energy usage.

Distribution Management System – DMS / ADMS

ETAP ADMS provides the necessary mission critical applications to efficiently, reliably and securely manage, control, visualize, and optimize distribution networks.

Microgrid Master Controller – MMC

MMC allows for design, modeling, detailed analysis, islanding detection, optimization and automated control of Microgrids used for offices, retail parks, industrial facilities, data centers, campuses, offshore facilities, ships, etc.

Intelligent Load Shedding – ILS™

ILS is a model-driven load preservation system offering proactive and optimal load shedding that can dynamically manage the stability of the system by responding faster to disturbances.

Intelligent Substation Automation – iSub™

iSub provides protection, control, automation, monitoring, and communication capabilities as a part of a comprehensive substation solution.

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