Remote monitoring of devices and machines

Long-term operating states monitoring of devices in industry contributes to long-term reliability and planning of maintenance of these devices.

Our RTU systems, which support many communication protocols, fully comply with the requirements for monitoring of larger network of devices and objects, where it is used a comlex SCADA and Technical information system for evaluation.

A data acquisition from remote stand-alone objects takes place in other ways that require the use of special RTU systems, which are weather-resistant, battery-powered and their power consumption is minimized.

An example is RTU7B with a robust design and battery powering that will keep the system running for over a year. The operational time can be extended by additional battery. Product specifications can be found on the RTU7B product page.

There is also offered a SW product developed in our company, called TECHIS. It is an information system, where all data about individual machines and equipment is stored, which is suitable for monitoring of their states, repair and maintenance planning.