Compact RTU

Compact ELVAC RTUs are devices for remote control, measurement and data collection in many fields of industrial automation, mainly in power industry but also in other utilities.

As the title suggests, the compact remote terminal units have fixed configuration and minimal installation space demand. Whole system is installed in plastic box for DIN rail mounting and internal architecture has partly modular character, so there are options for communication interfaces and types of analog inputs, which can be made in production process.

From the user's perspective, the compact and modular RTUs have the same software base and the user interface is exactly the same and compatible. The only difference is in the number of individual interfaces that are available for the user.

Compact ELVAC RTU units contain the following functions:

  • processor control unit,
  • wired and wireless communication interfaces with many communication protocols,
  • digital inputs and outputs,
  • analog inputs for measuring of current and voltage in three-phase systems and calculation of derived values,
  • fault indication on power lines and automation functions for reclosing and others,
  • programmable logic and relational functions,
  • integrated HMI, user frieńdly graphic interface,
  • internal records of measured values - triggered by faults on power lines, remotely downloadable,
  • external power supply is needed, input range 10-40 V DC, RTU provides controlled backup battery recharging,
  • temperature sensor internal and external, the other sensors can be connected through communication interfaces,
  • parameterization through web page or free parameterization SW,
  • remote access to all functions of maintenance, parameterization, data acquisition and analysis.

Compact RTU advantages:

  • if the number of inputs and outputs of compact unit  is sufficient, it is cost-effective solution.

Basic types of compact ELVAC RTUs and their typical applications


The unit is specific with 12 analog inputs for current measurements (four groups of three-phases), 20 DI, 5 DO and communication module with 3 optional communication interfaces (GSM/GPRS, serial, LAN). It is suitable for applications in distributional transformer stations on medium voltage, where is possible to control four outlets from one unit. This product is typically used in applications known as Fault Passage Indicator or Fault Current Indicator.

Control unit RTU7.4

Transformer station


This unit has three-phases measurement for voltage and current, 20 DI, 5 DO and communication module with 3 optional communication interfaces (GSM/GPRS, serial, LAN). This it is used in applications for over-head power lines (remote control of reclosers, disconnectors) and renewable energy sources control. It is also suitable for adding of measuring and protective functions into the existing remote control.

Control unit RTU7K



Basic features come from the unit RTU7K, but the current inputs are strengthened for measuring up to 5A. Typical applications are renewable energy sources control.

Control unit RTU7KL

Renewable energy sources


This type of RTU is designed for applications with low power consumption. It is especially useful in standalone in-field data acquisition. System has many different inputs for different kinds of sensors. It can be powered from battery, which can work for more than one year.

Control unit RTU7B

Utilities remote control

RTU7MC3Communication unit RTU7MC3

It is advanced communication unit, router, protocol converter and data concentrator. It supports the following protocols - IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104, DNP3, MODBUS, HIOCom2, DLMS. It is equipped with many useful features for main communication units in power distribution objects. See the product site RTU7MC3.

RTU7C Control unit RTU7C

It is the smallest version of our RTUs, equipped with 2 or 3 communication interfaces, 4xDI and 4xDO. This type is very suitable for solutions, where is necessary to connect some devices without proper communication into a SCADA system, or for a general control of anything and anywhere via LAN, GSM/GPRS or serial line.

Thanks to many years of development and experience, ELVAC RTUs are very advanced products, which meet the highest requirements of power distribution companies, like for example ČEZ, E.ON, EVN, Západoslovenská distribučná (group E.ON), Stredoslovenská energetika (group EPH), Východoslovenská distribučná (group Innogy), ENERGO PRO and many others.

General description of basic features of ELVAC RTUs can be found in product catalogue.

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