EPG7 three-phase generator and tester


EPG7 three-phase generator and tester

EPG7 (HP) - Three-phase Generator and Tester

The EPG7 is a compact generator of AC or DC three-phase currents in the range of units to tens of mA designed primarily for testing the correct function of fault passage indicators and RTU systems or other devices where it meets its parameters. The instrument can also be used as a simple process calibrator, the output current matches the value shown on the display within the declared accuracy.

When equipped with a voltage expansion card, the instrument can generate three-phase AC or DC voltages in units of volts. There are 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs that can be used for advanced protection relays testing functions.

All versions of the instrument are equipped with a four-line LCD display and a rotary controller with integrated push-button control. A USB interface is used for communication with the user software. Analog outputs, digital outputs, digital inputs and USB interface are galvanically isolated from each other.

The device can be powered from 4 NiMh AA batteries or from an external adapter. When powered by batteries, the operating time is approx. 2 hours (valid for continuous 45 mA AC current generation on all outputs). Discharging of the batteries is indicated by an LED. The internal fast charger is equipped with LED indication of the charging process status. The charging time of the batteries is approximately 2.5 hours.

We offer two firmware versions:

  1. FW-EPG7-A – for generating AC and DC voltages and currents with a fixed frequency of 50 Hz and a phase shift of 120°. This version is included in the price of the device.
  2. FW-EPG7-B – includes everything in version A plus function generator, COMTRADE records player, fault passage indicator and protection relays tester. This version is paid extra.

For easier work of EPG7 with a computer, it is possible to use the EPGAP software, which is available free of charge upon request.

EPG7 basic features

  • currents generator 45 mA AC / ±60 mA DC,
  • extended version of the three-channel voltage generator 0 to 7V AC and 0 to +/-10V DC,
  • overload protection of analog outputs with indication,
  • 4 x DI and in the extended version 4 x DO for protection relays testing,
  • alphanumeric LCD display and easy operation with rotary controller with integrated push button,
  • power supply from replaceable NiMH batteries or external adapter,
  • integrated fast battery charger,
  • USB 2.0 communication interface with galvanic isolation,
  • user upgradeable FW according to the required functionality of the device,
  • possibility to save generated waveforms directly in the internal memory of the instrument,
  • PC operating software is available.

Features of the extended EPG7 HP version

  • EPG7 generator extension with power outputs,
  • designed for testing the correct function of protection relays and measurements with standard ranges (100V, 5A),
  • internal communication between generator and power module, transfer of ranges, calibrations and error messages,
  • easy transport in a wheeled case, the instrument can be removed and placed on a table,
  • external battery pack, inverter for 12/24V power supply can be added.

HW options


  • 3 AC/DC current outputs
  • 4 x DI
  • FW EPG7-A
  • without battery
  • without adapter


  • 3 AC/DC current outputs
  • 3 AC/DC voltage outputs
  • 4 x DI
  • 4 x DO
  • FW EPG7-A (EPG7-B paid extra)
  • battery included
  • adapter included

Technical parameters

Current outputs:
internal battery / adapter 230V AC, 50Hz
Current outputs:
3 x 0,1mA..60mA DC (45mA AC)
Voltage outputs:
3 x 0.1..10V DC (7V AC – with option board)
Amplitude setting:
continuously 0..100% of the range
50Hz / 40..500Hz (higher SW)
Angle between phases:
120° / 0..360° (higher SW)
Digital inputs:
4 x optocoupler
Digital outputs:
4 x semiconductor switch
Control and signalization:
rotary controller, alphanumeric LCD display
the instrument is equipped with a USB communication interface for connection to a PC (application software can be purchased)
100 x 200 x 45 mm
cca 1 kg
The EPG7 three-channel generator won the Czech and Slovak Product of the Year 2010 award in its category in Control Engineering magazine.

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