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RTU7M EP-4U/100/120-4I/1-5A/10A-I-DI08-UX-DO04-U

RTU7M EP-4U/100/120-4I/1-5A/10A-I-DI08-UPX-DO04-U
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Product description RTU7M EP-4U/100/120-4I/1-5A/10A-I-DI08-UX-DO04-U: Indirect card for analog measurement with function of protection, inputs 4xU/100/120V, 4xI/1-5A/10A, 8xDI/110VDC, 4xDO, isolated. Protective functions with MTI 1A, with MTI 5A only for P, Q, U, I measurement.