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Modular control system RTU7M

Modular control system RTU7M is developed and produced by our company ELVAC a.s. and it is used mainly in the field of power industry.

ELVAC RTU includes these functions:

  • Control CPU (dual CPU control for maximal control reliability).
  • Communication wired and wireless interfaces with many communication protocols.
  • Digital inputs and outputs.
  • Analog inputs for measurement of current and voltage in three-phase systems and calculation of derived values.
  • Protections and automation functions for reclosing.
  • Programmable logical and relational functions.
  • Power supply unit with controlled charging of backup battery.
  • Temperature sensors included, other sensors can be connected also, like wind power or exposure.


  • High reliability,
  • flexibility for new and retrofit installations,
  • wide options of usage,
  • the best technical support,
  • references in many energy distributors in different countries,
  • customization is possible (communication protocols, HW parameters).